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Feb. 18th, 2013

I love my neighbors cats

There are three cats you will learn about in this entry all three are tabby breeds all similar color fur very different personalitys. They live in 2 different households. I love each of these cats dearly and there all three very affectionate cats.

First cat named Lilly sibling to lucky. Lilly is the smallest. She likes to hide in or under our tall bush. I call her ninja Lilly because she will dart out of the bush when you least expect it and run to you and wants to be petted.

The second cat named lucky sibling to Lilly. He's a big boy cat. He's very talkative likes to jump on top the vehicles and sit and enjoy high views.

The third cat is named Sam. Sam likes to roll on yours lap when your sitting Indian style. Sam like to pounce on bugs in the yard.

The cats will come over if I'm outside. Or if I'm coming home and pulling into the driveway they run over to me and I sit down in the driveway and pet them. There purrs melt my heart. They make me so happy. The cats love is unconditional.

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Feb. 17th, 2013

Don't give up on your dreams

The dream you have in your heart that you want to accomplish. Don't give up on it Sometimes dreams you have to be patient and other dreams you have to take the first step. Even if its baby steps your moving towards your dream.

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Tell me the truth

If you have something to tell me I would rather hear the truth from you. If you choose to lie to avoid hurting my feelings I would be more hurt that you lied then telling the truth.

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